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Chicago, Illinois, United States
I'm a south side/Park Manor native, I graduated from Simeon Career Academy class of 2004 and have a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from the American Academy of Art. Illustrator & Graphic Design are my skills of trade. Typically draw athletes but I also like topical illustrations as well. Contact for commissions: jess.nelsonjr@yahoo.com

Friday, December 17, 2010

Power Illuminates the Dark

Still a WIP I guess. I'm finished for now but I'll ccntinue to work on it for a while. I'm never fully satisfied.

It's getting harder and harder to concentrate on pieces for long periods of time now and it's a little frustrating finishing pieces but not having them meet their full potential.

As for this picture, I was obviously inspired by Kanye West new album "My Beautiful Dark Twisted fantasy". I listened to it and was impressed by how West blended the themes and sounds of his previous albums into this one. He also has gone through some tough time personal and career wise within the past 3 years.
I also have had a few set backs in my life but nothing too dramatic within the past few years so I could somewhat relate to Yeezy's recent spaz outs.
I decided to make a picture capturing 'Ye in his triumphs and trials without making a passing judgement but just letting the images speak for themselves in a collage style similar to my "Holla" and "Castro" pieces.

Any veteran art eyes can see the flaws in it but I guess that's the beauty in it, while not exactly perfect it is bold and attention grabbing, the way West music is.